Stain Removal

red wine stain

If you have had an oops in your life and ended up with a stain on your carpet, upholstery or other fabric that looks just awful, call SuperClean of Gisborne to make it disappear.  We cannot guarantee that we can remove all stains, but you can rely on us being honest in our appraisal to the likelihood of removing that nasty stain.

If you have an accident that results in there being a stain, the sooner you act the better. The longer the stain remains on your carpet or upholstery, there is a greater chance the stain will never completely disappear, leaving some permanent discolouration, even after attempts are made to remove the stain! If you are a Gisborne local, your best bet is to call us to deal with your accident.

The worst thing you can do when you accidentally spill something is to panic and attempt to fix the problem by rubbing the stain furiously with water or some sort of cleaning agent. Rubbing the spilt item will simply drive the stain deeper into the fabric or carpet and could result in permanent stain damage.  Our Home page has some useful first aid tips on stain removal in the ‘Did You Know Advice’ section.  Remember, it is always best to speak to a stain removal expert before attempting to deal with a stain.