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Carpet Cleaning

Family on clean carpet

SuperClean Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services Ltd of Gisborne specialise in residential and commercial carpet cleaning. We have the expertise and the experience to clean, sanitise and deodorise your carpets. We have been cleaning carpet for householders and businesses in the Gisborne District for over ten years and we are happy to service customers in the wider East Cape Region through as far as Te Kaha.

We operate high performance carpet cleaning machinery to make your home or office clean and germ free. Our cleaning equipment uses high steam heat (up to 132 degrees centigrade) that can be fine-tuned to clean everything from delicate upholstery to the dirtiest of carpets.

If you have carpets that have been damaged by flood waters, our high performance equipment is ideal for flood extraction.  We are regularly called upon by insurance companies to cleanup carpets after a flood event.

Do you, your family or fellow office workers suffer from allergies and asthma issues? If so, the problem could stem from what is hidden deep in your carpet!  Most people think regularly vacuuming the carpet is adequate, however, most domestic vacuum cleaners do not clean-up that ‘difficult to remove’ dust and dirt, including potentially millions of small germs and mites that live in your carpets.

We use ‘green cleaning’ products to remove the dirt and allergens created by dust mites using the steam carpet cleaning method.  Steam cleaning or hot water extraction used by SuperClean, is recommended by carpet manufacturers, as a restorative carpet cleaning method.  Research indicates that using this steam cleaning method provides the most desirable carpet cleaning results. The dirt lifted in this cleaning process is sucked into a powerful vacuum and then into a separate holding tank.

We are trained to clean carpets using this method to the Australian / New Zealand Standard (AS/NZS 3733:1995).  This standard includes a recommendation that normal domestic and most office carpets should be steam cleaned annually.

SuperClean also specialises in stain removal on carpets. We are qualified to remove stains without damage to carpet fibres. Removing carpet stains will restore the pride and good looks of your home.