• SuperClean of Gisborne

    We Specialise in:

    1. Cleaning Carpet.

    2. Cleaning Upholstery.

    3. Stain Removal.

    4. Flood Restoration of Carpet.

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  • Healthy Living

    Keep your Carpets Clean

    and protect your families health. Your carpets should be professionally cleaned twice a year. Most domestic vacuum cleaners are not powerful enough to remove that in-ground dust and dirt that could harbour potentially millions of small germs and mites living in your carpets! We also offer an affordable Carpet Cleaning Programme.

    Call Us on (06) 867 1284

  • Extend the Lifespan

    of your carpets and furniture

    and make that tired old sofa look almost as good as the day you bought it! The appearance and good looks of your carpet and upholstery is affected overtime by in-grain dirt and general wear and tear. We will not be able to turn back the clock on the wear, but you will be surprised to see the results after a professional clean.

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  • Disaster Strikes!

    If you have carpet damage from flooding or smoke,

    SuperClean is used by various insurance companies to carry out flood restoration work. Use a local firm to clean up your carpet and upholstery, as we have skills and the equipment to clean up the mess.

    Call Us on (06) 867 1284

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Guarantee on our Work

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We understand it is important that you get what you paid for, which is why we offer a guarantee on all of our work.

Super Clean Carpet Cleaning are proud to have a super star cleaning team ready to tackle even the biggest jobs with ease. We are a family owned and operated team who have been working since 2007 and get satisfaction out of completing good old fashioned hard work.

Did You Know Advice

  • Carpets General Info
  • Flood Damaged Carpet

Dirty Carpets

Should carpets be cleaned only when they look dirty? The experts suggest that once a carpet looks dirty, it is probably really disgustingly filthy and this could be a serious health threat. Dust mites and pollen lurking in your carpet can cause problems with people who suffer from asthma, allergies or any other breathing problems. If carpets are cleaned professionally on a regular basis, say at least once a year, you will be living or working in a more healthy environment.

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Steam Cleaning or Drycleaning?

SuperClean use the 'Steam Cleaning' method for cleaning carpet. Experts advise that steam cleaning gives a more thorough result because the carpet receives a deep clean, which removes a lot more dirt. Dry cleaning really only cleans the carpet surface.
Dry cleaning also leaves chemicals in the carpet and in some situations, could make your warranty with the manufacturer void!

stained carpet

Stubbon Stains Removal

Using professional  products and techniques, we have great success at removing most carpet stains, however, we can not guarantee the removal of all stains. We advise customers accordingly before attempting to remove stubborn stains.

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Gisborne Flood

1st Steps

Your initial steps are dependent on the extent of your flood situation. Always make sure you are protected from electrocution by not touching any electrical devices in the flooded area until your mains electricity supply has been turned off , then call us at SuperClean. If it is safe to do so, move your possessions to a dry area, including coloured rugs and any oriental rugs as these may stain the carpet. Any other items that could potentially stain your carpet such as books and magazines should also be moved.



An immediate response to a wet carpet situation will be ideal to deal with producing the best outcome.

Carpets can withstand water for up to two or three days, subject to the type of flooding, however, moisture does need to be removed as soon as possible to prevent the growth of mold and mildew and to protect your own health.

More Steps to Consider

Move all furniture or any other loose items away from the wet carpet area. Any large furniture items you cannot move, place unpainted wood blocks or aluminum tin foil used for cooking purposes under the legs of this furniture. Remove hanging drapes and pin up furniture skirts to prevent watermarks or dye marks staining your carpet.

Move all furniture or any other loose items away from the wet carpet area.


SuperClean Flood Restoration Process

Using our heavy duty wet vacuum, we will extract water from the damaged carpet. The extracted water is retained in a special holding tank for safe disposal away from your home or office. The carpet will need to be taken up so that the flooring underneath can be dried and cleaned. This is important to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. The carpet is then allowed to dry thoroughly lying down flat so that it will retain its dimensions, enabling it to be put back down easily later on. We use the services of a professional carpet layer.